Company Profile & Infrastructure:

A group of senior managers from Philips Projects came together to form this company in May 2001. The group possessed technical know-how in the field of Audio Communication Systems and management skills in the disciplines like project engineering, project management and marketing.

The process of formation was initiated in mid-2000, when Philips took a decision to move out of Projects activity that is – Philips Projects. The decision had implications for the customers, who have been dependent on solutions provided by Philips Projects; as well as employees whose careers were at stake. As a responsible solution vendor; Philips wanted to take care of customers’ requirements in terms of continued technical support and spares. Philips also had certain long-term commitments for commissioning of systems and providing warrantee services for some key customers.

The promoters undertook to fulfil these commitments on behalf of Philips. An agreement was formulated to give concrete shape to this arrangement. To ensure authenticity of the systems, spares and services; Philips has provided license to use Philips technology for this purpose. As a result the customers get the same quality of products and services from a group which has vast experience in audio communication systems.

The Company has been accredited as ISO 9001:2015 company.

Office and Works:

Company is situated in Industrial Hub at Audiocom House’ C-10,11 (13A), BG BLOCK,  MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026, having an area of  900 Sq Mtrs. and factory building of about 900 Sq. Mtrs. Built-up area.

Personnel:  The promoters of the company are qualified engineers with experience in the fields of Project engineering and execution, product development, production and vendor development, quality assurance and marketing. Eight ex-Philips persons are engaged in production, testing and quality assurance. Company also provides services to customers through project associates located in major industrial centres throughout India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubneshwar, Bokaro, Rourkela, Bhilai etc. and is also in a process of appointing more Associates elsewhere.

Technical Know-how:

Promoters have been instrumental in developing the technology and know-how for total audio communication activity during their tenure at Philips. From Philips point of view, their technical competence was a key factor, while making an agreement with Phi Audiocom Systems Pvt. Ltd. The agreement envisages that Phi Audiocom Systems will provide vital services for commissioning of few critical projects with Indian navy and provide warrantee services to several customers. To ensure consistency with Philips technology and quality standards, Philips has provided license to use the related technology. Further, Philips has provided complete documentation for the products and have instructed their vendors regarding exclusive use of tools and jigs developed by Philips for Phi Audiocom.


Company has facility for making final assembly and testing of control racks and consoles as well as other accessories of Communication Systems. Company also has environmental test facility with Cold, Hot and humidity controlled chambers. Positive air pressure is maintained on Production floor to ensure dust free environment.

Sub-assemblies like PCB assembly, enclosures and other parts; are procured from set of vendors developed by Philips Projects. These vendors use tools, jigs and fixtures developed by Philips for the purpose of high quality manufacturing. Till now their activities were covered under ISO 9000 certification of Philips Projects. Sub-assemblies are tested at vendors’ works and final testing of completed units is carried out in house.

Test instruments, jigs and test programs developed by Philips, have been transferred to the company for ensuring quality standards set by Philips.

Services available from vendors include PCB assembly (single/ double sided and multi-layer), fabrication, painting, powder coating, anodising, casting, machining, moulding and screen-printing.

Business Profile:

  1. Catering to new system requirements for Communication Systems: The main strength of the organization is system engineering and know-how for audio communication projects. Using this expertise, company provides appropriate solutions for communication needs of various customers. Such customers include; Indian Navy and their shipyards, DRDL and their establishments, ISRO, Nuclear Power Corp., NTPC, TISCO, SAIL, Cement, fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical and many more.

Based on the end user requirement, stringent type tests, environmental, seismic tests are carried out for equipments being used in extremely harsh environments.

  1. Sale of spares for Philips Communication systems : Philips projects has executed more than thousand projects in past two decades. The systems are in use in large plants in steel, power , cement, fertilizers, nuclear power, petrochemical  plants and  space centres, naval ships. Spares for these customers are being catered by the company.
  2. Providing services to existing and new customers : company provides need-based services or annual maintenance services for various customers.