Intelligent Announcement Communication System

Intelligent Announcement Communication (IAC) System, from Phi Audiocom, is aimed at meeting the communication requirements of various segments like industries, educational institutes, Hospitals, office complexes, Shopping Malls and many more…

Intelligent announcement system provides all required functionalities such as –

1) Selective zone wise / All zone announcements – User can make zone wise or ‘all zone’ announcements from announcement desk. This gives flexibility to user to make dedicated announcement in specific area without disturbing people in other areas.

2) Timed pre-recorded messages – Pre-recorded messages (e.g. shift start / end, tea / lunch break, instrumental music, devotional songs etc..) can be played in the system at pre defined time, for timed duration. Messages can be changed easily at user end.

3) Alarms for emergency purpose – In addition to announcement, alarms can also be generated from announcement desk in case of emergency. Alarms can also be initiated from Fire Alarm systems.

4) EPABX Interface – System can be interfaced with EPABX system. Announcement to ‘all zone’ basis, can be made from any designated telephone set.

5) Background music can be played for entertainment purpose. This however will have lowest priority and will get cut-off whenever an announcement is made in the system.

System elements can be described as follows –

1) Central Controller – Standard controllers are a) Five zone Controller and b) Ten zone Controller. Controller feeds input to the amplifier units.

2) Amplifier unit for Five zones: speaker lines from five zones can be connected to this unit. For ten zones; two such units will be required. Speaker load of 30 watts(rms) per zone can be handled. This means up to ten speakers up to 3 W(rms) each can be connected.

(Considering the ambient noise in a normal office environment, each speaker can cover about 100-150 Sft area – hence about 1000-1500 Sft per zone.). In case of large areas or high-noise areas, a combination of custom-built amplifier units and various types of special, speakers can be used.

3) Announcement Desk – Zone wise / all call announcements can be made from the announcement desk through noise cancelling gooseneck microphone. In addition to announcements, alarms can also be generated in case of emergency from the desk.

4) Loudspeakers –Ceiling, Box or Horn type loudspeakers can be used in the system. The speakers can be selected, as per the site conditions. Volume can be set; centrally in amplifier units; as well as in individual loudspeaker as per site requirement.