IP Based Communication System

IP Based Communication System is truly digital in nature and uses standard TCP /IP Ethernet backbone. Power of high speed LAN is utilized for reduced cabling and field programming.
The system incorporates all the functionalities of analog systems on a digital platform. System being digital system, has many more added advantage with practically no limitation on number of subscribers.


  • Combines all features of analog systems with many more additional features making a truly versatile system suitable for any application.
  • Capable of handling up to 9000 stations
  • Provides two independent page & party channels to every station.
  • Interface with analog systems.
  • Redundancy at server level.
  • EPABX interface.
  • Facility to store multiple configurations for different operating modes.
  • Open Line communication with more than 50 participants.
  • Calls available – Point-to-Point, Conference, Group, Zone, Alarm, Global, Open Line, Multi channel Music

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